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Swimming Pool Coping Service in South Shore, MA

The Finishing Touch on Your Pool’s Edge

Give your pool the perfect finishing touch with attractive, durable and practical swimming pool coping! Not only does it look great, but this essential element also offers protection from natural elements like dirt, grass or leaves. In addition to adding a finished look to this beautiful water feature, swimming pool coping offers swimmers a way to stay safe when entering or exiting the water by reducing the risk of slipping. It fulfills three essential roles – structural, safety and aesthetic. It is essential to understand the purpose of swimming pool coping and the options available to complete a pool border that is both attractive and practical.

Pool Coping Provides Structure

In most areas of the country, swimming pool coping is an essential element to the pool construction process. It is the material – usually made of stone or concrete composites – that serve as a cap on the top of the pool’s upper wall. It is where the pool itself meets the surrounding deck. Often, pool coping frames the pool perimeter in a 12-inch border all the way around it.  It sits above the tile line of the pool and typically creates a small lip or overhang, usually one to one-and-a-half inches wide.

Pool Coping Provides Safety and Convenience

Coping is a lifesaver, literally! It gives swimmers the stability and confidence to get in and out of the pool safely no matter what type of edge they have. With its classic “bullnose” design that rounds like an ‘c’, coping can be easily grabbed when you’re in deep water or just need some help getting up onto those slippery steps. And because it’s right at the side, tired swimmers don’t even have to worry about trying to reach across distances; they know there will always be something sturdy nearby ready for them to grab on if needed – making every dip into your swimming hole safe as well as fun! 

Swimming pool coping offers a convenient handhold to help keep swimmers safe

Swimming pools and hot tubs with flagstone coping are perfect for swimmers of all sizes! This special feature juts out just enough over the water to provide a secure handhold, making it easy for kids, adults and beginners alike. And that’s not all; this convenient addition also serves as an inviting spot by the poolside or spa wall – so you can get your feet wet without actually getting in the water. Even if there’s no deck around ‘the back side’ of your pool, coping provides a stable footing along its edge – giving you another way to enjoy spending time outdoors near friends or family members.

Pool Coping Creates a Completed Aesthetic

When it comes to taking your pool’s aesthetic appeal up a notch, the right coping material can make all the difference. Coping serves as an important visual transition between your body of water and its surrounding deck or surface. You could opt for matching materials – like flagstone on both surfaces – creating seamless harmony from edge-to-edge; alternately, you could introduce contrast with complementary textures that serve to outline and emphasize the shape of your pool in uniquely eye-catching ways – think beige brushed concrete makes a beautiful pairing against stone coping!

Expert Swimming Pool Coping Installation

You’re most likely to be thinking about pool copings if you’re about to build a swimming pool in your backyard or buying a home with one.

That’s where we come in!  Prevail Construction has created some of the most stunning swimming pool decking and coping on the South Shore. Our mastercrafters offer expert installation and design help. We will help you create a true backyard haven.  Contact us for more information and to schedule a free consultation at (774) 225-7216.

Swimming Pool Coping FAQs

Why do I need swimming pool coping?

Make sure your pool is always looking great and that everything within it functions properly with the help of coping! Not only will it keep dirt, leaves, grass, and other debris out; but also provide an accessible yet attractive cover for any automatic pool covers or mechanical components. Plus - you can say goodbye to worries about water infiltrating behind the shell of your pool with this extra layer of protection. And if safety's what you're after - no need to worry there either as copings offer a secure way for swimmers to enter & exit from the pool's edge without tripping over anything hazardous in their path!

Do I have to use swimming pool coping around my pool?

In the sunny Southeast and other blessed parts of the country where ideal soil conditions mean a little extra TLC is unnecessary, pools are often built "coping-free". Here, contractors opt for cantilevered decking: concrete, paver or stone decks extending just over water level to form comfortable poolside seating. With this setup in place there's no need for traditional coping – but comfort levels remain top notch!

What is coping made of?

When designing your dream pool, there are many great materials to choose from for the coping. Not only do they offer a huge array of colors and designs in precast concrete "stones" or pavers, but they also provide an additional layer of safety with textured surfaces that help prevent slips! Plus costs can vary depending on where you live - so be sure to investigate all options before making any decisions.

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