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Swimming Pool Deck Installation Service in South Shore, MA

Many homeowners include a pool as part of their backyard oasis, and as such, the pool deck is a crucial element. With all of the different materials available – each with their own unique pros and cons depending on design objectives and budget – selecting one can be overwhelming! We understand this dilemma so we offer samples that show you exactly what an amazing end result would look like for any material decision. Not only will our team help guide you through making these choices but also make sure everything looks perfect once finished.

Swimming pool deck constructed of pool pavers extends the living and play area around your pool.

Planning Your Swimming Pool Deck

When it comes to choosing the perfect decking material for your swimming pool, there are some key features to include in your decision making. Choose a material that has a  non-slip, even surface – no bumps or coarse edges. Opting for heat reflectant materials keeps things nice and cool in hot weather. You should also consider choosing a material that is resistant to mold, mildew, algae and frost damage, as well as to chemicals like acid – all of these factors can cause major problems down the line! Once these aspects are considered, it’s time to design your swimming pool deck – one fitting  the style of your swim spot. While wood is a good option, many homeowners are now leaning toward concrete and composite materials for their decking, due to their hard-wearing and long-lasting nature.

Choosing Your Pool Deck Materials

As with so many of the backyard living features today, swimming pool deck materials come in hundreds of different styles, colors and textures.  These include poured concrete, brick, composite materials and stone tiles.  The most versatile form of these products is as pool pavers. 

Like pavers used for patios and walkways, pool pavers offer lots of looks, especially if you play around with color, shape and installation patterns. Pavers vary widely in price, depending on the material. Whether you go with concrete, natural stone or brick pavers, if one breaks, it can be easily replaced — a big plus. Like all types of pavers, pool pavers need proper prep and underlay – tasks our professional pool paver installation team is skilled in achieving.

      • Concrete paving stones are the least expensive. They’re textured and slip-resistant, but need to be sealed and periodically resealed to prevent water absorption.

      • Natural stone pavers are the most expensive option but offer the most versatility in color, texture and design. They also resist fading, cracking and water absorption.

      • Brick pavers can create a beautiful look, and they’re easy to replace if one or more of them crack. But they aren’t ideal in areas where there’s a lot of shade or humidity, because moss may grow on them and make them slippery.

    Our Professional Swimming Pool Deck Services

    At Prevail Construction, we provide our clients with 19 years of experience in pool deck design and installation services.  We are mastercrafters of all things hardscape, from fire pits to swimming pool decks and everything in between.  We have both the knowledge and skills to create beautifully durable outdoor living spaces – places where you can gather your friends and family to create long lasting memories.  Contact us today to schedule a free consultation at (774) 225-7216.

    Swimming Pool Deck FAQs

    Can I use wood for my swimming pool deck?

    Wood can be a great, cozy addition to your pool deck. Just make sure you pick an exterior-grade material like redwood, teak or cedar. Bamboo composites are also available. To keep the wood strong and water/bug repellent, it is critical to install a solid floor joist system prior to installation. Here in the Northeast, we recommend pool pavers, as they require little maintenance and offer beautiful, non-slip, hard wearing surfaces.

    How do I keep my swimming pool deck clean?

    Maintaining a crystal-clear pool is just the start of keeping your swimming area looking pristine. To make sure the deck looks its best, pressure washing regularly works wonders for any dirt or grime. In addition, a combination of bleach and baking soda helps fend off mold, mildew and algae so you don't have to worry about discolored stains spoiling summer vibes come sunbathing season.

    Do I need to seal my swimming pool deck?

    Taking care of your swimming pool deck with a good sealant is like giving it an extra layer of protection, ensuring its longevity. A sealant also refreshed the deck’s color, as its exposure to sun and other natural elements causes fading over time.

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